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After the renovation and modernization of our plantations, we started working with wine in 2015. Our first méthode traditionelle sparkling wine was the Brut Nature Méthode Traditionnelle ‘Zichy Anna’ made from our 2019 harvest.


Zichy Anna Frizzante

Frizzante with the addition of carbon dioxide.
The Zichy-estate's first sfrizzante was made of furmint, which was enriched with a few muscats and tramines. Its elegant colour, fruity aroma, citrus aroma and dynamic acids are complemented by the remaining sugar content.

Zichy Anna 
sparkling wine 2020

The first lot of the 2020 vintage Zichy Anna sparkling wine has been disgorged "brut nature" méthode traditionnelle as we’ve been doing it previously.


"Bright straw yellow color. The unique mineral character of the place of origin calls for attention in its aroma, which is raised to the next, higher level by the characteristic aromatic notes of muscat. When tasted, it is characterized by a dry, vibrant acidity, a light but delicately meaty body, and a long aftertaste. The excellent quality on which it is based thanks to the grapes, the sip passes through the tongue with a uniform, unbroken momentum. In its aroma, the place of origin once again plays the main role, which is surrounded by a long, dignified fruity character. A sumptuous champagne, a real masterpiece, without a doubt one of the most beautiful on the domestic market. An irreplaceable crown jewel for special occasions, first-class food accompaniment. I recommend it as an accompaniment to fish and white-meat poultry dishes, salads, vegetable cream soups, smoked salmon, caviar, aged hams, and fresh cheeses, with great love!" Antal Kovács sommelier


Zichy Anna piccolo 2019 0.2 l

This 0,2 l bottled item is exactly the same as its big brother, with the difference that it even fits in your pocket. Let's face it, it's very practical! Ideal for an impromptu celebration for two people, a picnic, or if we don’t want to open a big bottle, but we’d love to have a hearty méthode champagnoise breakfast; here's the solution!


Zichy Anna Furmint 

“A light yellow color, with intense fruity aromas (citrus, white fruits). In keeping with the trend of the time, this artistic Tokaji wine was not made too heavy; the residual sugar content is balanced by lively acids, which preserves its elegance. The taste is slightly sour, woody notes and minerality that form a complex harmony." Tamás Pók

Tokaji Aszu

Our aszu-dreams were washed away by the fall showers in 2020. We have started another try this year. To stay with the traditions, we do the fermentation and maturation in barrels.

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