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Count Aladár Zichy, the founder of the Tokaj Zichy Vineyard, bought his vineyards from the Waldbott family. On the nearly 30-hectare estate, we grow mainly furmint and, to a lesser extent, muscat and lime-leaf grapes. The plantations of the Estate are located on the borders of Mád, Szegi, Tarcal and Sárospatak.

After the renovation and modernization of the plantations, in 2015 we started to engage in winemaking.

Our first commercially available product is the Zichy Anna champagne made from the 2019 harvest.

The whole farm operates according to the rules of the Agri-Environmental Management (AKG) Program. This means an environmentally friendly and thus sustainable way of production (chemical and fertilizer control, maintenance of water management, soil-friendly cultivation, techniques for maintaining biodiversity, establishment of beehives, protection of bird habitats).

The purpose of the AKG program is to:

  • supporting the sustainable development of rural areas,

  • preserving and improving the state of the environment,

  • reduction of the burden of agricultural origin, and

  • strengthening agricultural practices based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

In addition, it strongly supports: the conservation of biodiversity, the protection of nature, water and soil; the fight against climate change; adaptation to climate change with a production structure appropriate to local conditions; environmentally conscious farming and sustainable land use.


KAKASOK : Spanning close to 12 hectares, this vineyard is one the largest by the historical town of Mád where the Zichy family once had its own winery and cellars. With a rhyolite tuff bedrock beneath we have a young and strong Furmint plantation with full of energy but also with a great potential for aszu.



Grown on the formerly peach-covered hills of Tarcal, the furmint and muscat lune here still carry a unique and rich fruity flavor. It is the minerals from the terroir’s loess-brown forest soil that help balance this flavor and make it so long lasting.



Our youngest furmint plantation, also on loess-brown forest soil, is ideally located by the mid of a slope at a lower attitude facing south-east. Excellent for aszu making, the nearby elder trees will also help support finesse.


KIRÁLY-HEGY , Tradition, richness and elegance. This 50-year-old Tramini plantation is unique in Tokaj. Located on Sárospatak’s most famous hill, the development of the grapes here are supported by the plantation’s older cordon system with wider rows and more space to each vine within the rows. The result is more nutrition to each vine and thus a fuller unique flavor.

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