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The entire economy of Zichy Estate  operates according to the rules of the Agricultural Environment Management Program. This means an environmentally friendly and therefore sustainable production method. Sustainable development, environmental awareness, chemical-free production or biodiversity are aspects that we can follow to help our land as a whole and offer you better, healthier products. However, agricultural production also has much more direct, local effects that go beyond the classical boundaries of agriculture.

The purpose of the AKG program is to:

  • supporting the sustainable development of rural areas,

  • preserving and improving the state of the environment,

  • reducing the environmental burden of agricultural origin, and

  • strengthening agricultural practices based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

In addition, it strongly supports: the conservation of biodiversity, the protection of nature, water and soil; the fight against climate change; adaptation to climate change, production structure appropriate to local conditions; environmentally conscious farming and sustainable land use.

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